Centre for MONITORING, Assurance, Improvement and Development of Quality of Study Programs, Teaching, and Research

Commission for Monitoring, Improvement and Control of Quality of Research

Work Plan

Domain of Work

The commission will try to improve the conditions and environment for research at the Faculty in order to improve the quality of research. In that regard the Commission will undertake and implement stimulative measures for more comprehensive and deeper inclusion of all teachers, associates and students into research activities. The Commission will also do its best to identify problems related to research and suggest the remedies if these are related to the Faculty organization.

Modes of Work

The Commission will function as a team, continually, effectively and always open to public.

All the members of the Commission will be involved into its activities according to their respective abilities and motivation, and to the Commission program.

Meetings of the Commission will be held periodically in order to resolve pre-defined issues.

Decisions will be agreed upon without voting.

The Commission will submit to the Assembly for Education and Science its program of work, suggested measures and reports. Important information will be made available to the public through the Faculty Internet site.

The Commission welcomes the participation in its activities of all teachers and associates of the Faculty. All interested parties will be able to present their opinions and suggestions for the activities belonging to the domain of work of this Commission directly/orally or via e-mail. For certain activities the teachers/associates will be called upon to resolve or to help others resolve the issues in question.


1. Establishment of the data base on the present-day research capacities/potentials of the Faculty.

2. Preparation of documents which would be of help in the organization of research.

3. Endorsement of research activities at the Faculty.

4. Timely information of the Faculty researchers on the possibilities for improvement of research results and potentials.

5. Preparation of development strategy of research activities at the Faculty.

6. Suggestion of the measures for better research activities at the Faculty.

7. Establishment of international networks for various research fields.

8. Support to young researchers.

9. Support to student involvement into research activities.

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