International cooperation in the field of research is best illustrated with the participation of the Faculty researchers in international projects and visits of its teachers and associates to renown research centres throughout the world.

Since 1960, the year when University of Nis Faculty of Medicine was founded, as a regional educational centre for southeastern Serbia, the Faculty has effectuated cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad.

Up to the present, 89 teachers and associates of the Faculty have visited foreign institutions for training (from 2 weeks to 1 month); 144 spent from 1 to 6 months, and 30 spent more than 6 months abroad for professional training, effectuating scientific cooperation at the same time (in the forms of joint projects, exchange of lecturers, education). Our teachers and associates have also cooperated with national institutions: 56 have visited various faculties and institutes for the period of up to a month and 105 have had training lasting from 6 months to a year.

Since 2003, the University of Nis Faculty of Medicine has had successful cooperation with the WUS foundation from Austria. Six of our teachers have headed the projects funded by this foundation.


Prof. dr Stevo Najman, "Computerized video system as the microscopy equipment in the lab for cellular biology and cytogenetics";


Prof. dr Gordana Kocic, "Contemporary Curriculum of Biochemistry - an "in depth" Syllabus of Basic and Clinical Biochemistry";


Prof. dr Biljana Miljkovic-Selimovic, "Interactive lectures of immunology for pharmacy students", within the CDP+ project "Support to Higher Education in SCG in 2004/2005" (Project number 8030-2004);


Doc. dr Nikolic Maja, "Nutrition and Dietetics", within the CDP+ project "Support to Higher Education in SCG in 2005/2007" (Project number 8093-01-2005);


Prof. dr Milkica Nesic, "Behavioral and Neuroscience", within the CDP+ project in 2002/2003" (Project number 7949-00/02);

European School of Oncology (ESO), Milan, Italy, and the University of Nis Faculty of Medicine jointly organized advanced ESO courses in 2002 ("Prostate and Breast Cancer - State of the Art") and 2005 ("Breast Cancer Screening - Quality Issues in Detection and Diagnosis"). Both courses were organized, coordinated and co-chaired by prof. dr Sladjana Filipovic.

In the field of oncology, in 2003 the Faculty and the Regional Centre for Oncologic Prevention, Florence, Italy, headed by prof. dr Marco Rosselli Del Turco, jointly devised the project "Breast Cancer Screening in Western Balkan Countries".

Worth mentioning is also the cooperation with the University of Michigan, USA, and the project "Training and Research in Environmental Health in the Balkans" (TREHB) (Project #: 2D43 TW 000641) approved by the Fogarty International Center of the National Health Institutes for the period 01.05.2007. to 31.04.2012. and coordinated by assist. prof. Dusanka Kitic, as well as the cooperation with the Shiga School of Medicine, Japan, coordinated by prof. dr Vuka Katic.

The partnership of the Faculty with the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria, agreed upon in November 2005, was aimed at joint application for EU funding; effectuation of appropriate regional and bilateral programs; short or long study visits and exchange of students, researchers and doctors.

Special significance for the development of research carries the agreement with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgorod, Russia, planning long-term exchange of teachers, researchers and postgraduate students.

University of Nis Faculty of Medicine has also effectuated successful partnership in three TEMPUS projects:


JEP 18107-2003 "Restructuring Teaching in Serbian Medical Faculties", coordinated by the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, locally coordinated by prof. dr Gordana Kocic;


"Restructuring Postgraduate Studies and Training in Medicine in Serbia", coordinated by prof. dr Stevan Ilic;


JEP 41131-2006 "Building Bioethics Master Programme in Serbia", coordinated by prof. dr Miroslava Zivkovic.

Involvement in TEMPUS projects can largely contribute to the development of research and postgraduate studies, providing the insight into organization of teaching and research to our students, young associates and researchers.

Hard work and efforts of the Faculty teachers and associates have brought about a hopefully successful partnership with the University of Goteborg and prof. dr Ian Holmgren, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology.

The Faculty is also planning cooperation with the SSA INCOMAT Consortium (Creating International Cooperation Team) in the field of medical biomaterials in order to be involved in a project in the field of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and nanotechnology, headed by prof. dr Ljiljana Kesic.

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