Organization of the Faculty of Medicine

There are three organizational units at the Faculty:

Education Unit

Research and Health Care Unit

Faculty administration unit

Education Unit is composed of all the teachers, associates and other employees the work of which is closely connected with educational activities. The Unit is further divided into cathedras and courses.

The tasks of the Education Unit are as follows:

bullet Organization of all forms of teaching at all levels of study
bullet Support to students in their writing of graduation papers at all levels of study
bullet Support in professional development of young teachers and associates
bullet Surveillance, provision and development of quality of study programs, teaching process, and educational environment
bullet Research work
bullet Health care activities
bullet  Life-long education through innovation of knowledge and continued medical education


The Unit is composed of the teachers, researchers, associates and others who participate in the activities closely associated with scientific work and health care.

The following sub-units comprise the Research and Health Care Unit:

bullet Electronic microscopy laboratory
bullet Department of experimental surgery and pathology
bullet General-purpose laboratory
bullet Cell culture laboratory
bullet Vivarium

This Unit of the Faculty performs basic, applied and developmental research, research associated with the teaching process, organizes innovative activities, and offers services in health care.

The unit performs legal, HR, accountancy, administrative, library, IT and other affairs of common interest to the Faculty.

Professional organs of the Education and Research Units

Centre for Continued Medical Education  
Centre for International Co-operation  
Centre for Surveillance, Assurance, Improvement and Development of Quality of Study Programs, Teaching, and Research  


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